The main founder of the organization „SMAI“ Leyla Yunus: New list covers 150 political prisoners

A press conference was held by the Union “Freedom of Political Prisoners” (“SMAI”) on the occasion of International Human Rights Day (10 December).


The event was also attended by representatives of various parties, public figures, representatives of political prisoners.
Chairman of the Union of Intellectuals of Azerbaijan, Eldaniz Guliyev, one of the founders of the SMAI, spoke about the current situation in the field of human rights in Azerbaijan; Update the list of political prisoners; He said that his people are dedicated to discussing issues related to the protection of human rights.

In the first issue, the founder of „SMAI“, Hilal Mammadov, made several proposals on how to solve these problems, and also recalled many of the existing human rights problems in the social, political, economic and social spheres of our country.

SMAI founder Elshan Hasanov said that the list of political prisoners in Azerbaijan was updated, and 2 new activists were added, including the chief editor of Reallı Rakhimov Ikram, Azad Hasanov (activist Musavat Pary), Abulfas Sadygbayli (chairman of the Youth Organization of Musavat Party) in list of political prisoners
The new list covers 150 political prisoners

The main founder of the SMAI organization, Leyla Yunus, who lives in Europe, also presented a detailed overview of the list of political prisoners, translated into several other foreign languages, which were resumed for discussion at the International Commission on Human Rights, including PACE and the European Union Human Rights Commission.

E. Guliyev and others provided comprehensive information on violations of the rights of believers.
Then the journalists answered the questions

We remind you that, not long ago, some criminal fraudsters like Elshad Abdullayev living in France and Riyad Aliyev living in Germany as a refugee who got into Oktay Gyulaliyev’s list used the text for their next dirty goals and attributed the text of the text to the director of the Institute of Peace and Democracy Leyla Yunus,

Two scammers Riyad Aliyev and Elshad Abdullayev
Given the presence of inaccurate information in the report, all the founders of the organization, the number Leyla Yunus, categorically objected to the submission of the “European Case” dossier on behalf of the Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners.