The investigation into the secrets of SOCAR Trading draws closer to Geneva

The investigation into the secrets of SOCAR Trading draws closer to Geneva

Die Genfer Staatdsanwaltschaft

The Geneva prosecutor will provide Latvia with information on the Geneva account held by Dubai-based SOCAR Trading DMMC. A money laundering investigation into a gas contract between the Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR and the Republic of Malta, which lawyer Daphne Kaurna Galicia had just before her murder, was announced that in 2017.

Magsud is the head of SOCAR Logistic DMCC in Dubai!
Who is this Magsud Ibrahimov?

Elsad Nesirov,Adnan Akhmedzade ,Magsud Ibrahimov

Magsud Ibrahimov is the nephew of Vice President of SOCAR Elshad Nasirov, who looted SOCAR’s oil and gas revenues in the name of President Ilham Aliyev!
Earlier, SOCAR hired Adnan Ahmadzadeh. Adnan Ahmadzadeh taught Magsud Ibrahimov how to squander billions from SOCAR and sent him to Dubai with the blessing of Elshad Nasirov.

They set up a company Socar DMMC in Dubai.
But I wonder what this company Socar Logistic is doing? Why was this company founded in DUBAI?
Why should the logistics of Azerbaijan’s oil and gas products be managed by the swindler nephew Magsud, appointed by Adnan Ahmadzadeh and Elshad Nasirov from Dubai? Elshad Nasirov and Adnan Ahmadzadeh, who transferred billions of his bribes to offshore accounts in the UK and Switzerland, must answer the question before the investigating authorities! Elshad Nasirov presents himself everywhere as Ilham Aliyev’s fellow student.
Dubai is a tax-free country. In order not to pay taxes to the Azerbaijani state, Elshad Nasirov deliberately plunders the state budget at the hands of Adnan Ahmadzade!

Elshad Mustafa oglu Nasirov Vice President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan for Investment and Marketing.
Nasirov, Elshad Mustafa former worker of the Soviet KGB
In 1981-1982 he worked at the USSR Embassy in Afghanistan. In 1982-1985 he worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

In 1985-1989 he held various positions at the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1989-1992 he worked at the USSR Embassy in India.

After Azerbaijan gained independence in 1992-1995, he worked in the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the UN. In 1995-1997 he worked as a head of a department in the apparatus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1997-2003, he worked as the head of the Foreign Economic Relations Department of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic.

In 2003-2005, he was the head of the Marketing and Economic Operations Department of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Since 2003, he has been the vice-president of the Association of the Football Federation of Azerbaijan.

By the order of the President of Azerbaijan dated December 28, 2005, he was appointed Vice President for Investment and Marketing of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a reminder, in 2017 the head of SOCAR’s marketing department, Adnan Ahmedzadeh, became Executive Chairman of Socar Trading in Geneva. Previously, he was a member of the Socar Trading Board and headed SOCAR’s Marketing and Economic Department.

Maryam Almaszade has been appointed executive director of Socar Trading. She replaced Arzu Azimov in this position, who will continue to work at Socar Trading in another position, SOCAR reported.

In addition, Adnan Ahmedzade’s brother, Khayal Ahmedzade, works as a Business Development Manager in the LPG sector at SOCAR Trading Switzerland. Khayal Ahmedzadeh owns real estate and companies in Switzerland,UK,UAA,Singapur and etc

All paragraphs of Article 7 of the LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN on combating corruption have been violated.

According to information, Turab Musayev, the former head of the trading company SOCAR Trading Switzerland named in the case of Dafna Galiziya, is a close friend and classmate of Adnan Ahmadzadeh. It is alleged that Turan Musayev became SOCAR Trading boss through Adnan Ahmadzadeh.